Frequently asked questions

What tools and equipment are required to lay K-Form screed rails?

No specialist tools are required, levelling the screed rails with a rubber mallet is suggested.

rubber mallet levelling the screed rail

Is the K-Form system suitable for use with mechanical screeds?

Yes, all types of power screeds are okay to use with K-Form. (Roller screeds, Vibro-Strikes, Twin Beams, etc..) K-Form is strong enough to handle all types of levelling equipment.

mechanical screed operating with K-Forms

What concrete slab thickness is K-Form designed for?

K-Form comes in three sizes, plus a 25mm extension strip.

  • K35 - 50mm - 95mm slabs
  • K85 - 100mm-145mm slabs
  • K135 - 150mm - 225mm slabs

25mm Extension - Increases the depth by 25mm, can be used on the K85, and K135 rails.

K-Form concrete slab thickness

Is K-Form available in 200mm?

No, but it can be raised on its mortar bed or attach the 25mm extension to achieve the same result.

K-Form  raised for 200mm use

Is K-Form fuel resistant?

Yes - Unlike foam or fibre expansion material, it is resistant to petrol, diesel and oil making it suitable for forming concrete slab at filling station forecourts, industrial sites and agricultural applications.

K-Form is petrol, diesel and oil resistant

Does it move when pouring?

K-Form stays in place without backfilling or holding with stakes. The bottom base of K-Form acts like a lever when the concrete is placed on top of the bottom flange. It will not shift side to side or tip over.

K-Form stays in-place while concrete is poured

Where can I buy K-Form?

You can buy K-Form all over the UK, and select distributors around the world. Please click the contact us tab on this website and someone from K-Form will steer you to your nearest merchant.

K-Form merchant sales distributors

What is K-Form made from?

K-Form is made from 100% recycled UPVC sourced from landfill diverted used window frames.

K-Form 100% recycled UPVC waste material

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